LKS-P310 夜靜雪山空 2016 木刻水印 152 x 100 cm

Quiet Night, Snowy Mountain

劉國松 Liu Kuo-sung

木刻水印 Woodblock Print
4 版 Plates, 8 色 Colors, 8 印 Runs
版數 Edition of 100
2016, 152 x 100 cm

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Product Description



The print is composed of four plates, eight colors, in a total of eight runs. The first plate sets two shades of grey and blue in the mid-ground, while the second plate outlines the mountain peak with dark grey and paints the night sky with dark blue. The third plate is the main plate, and is responsible for the compositional black lines and also the reinforcement of selected grey lines. The fourth plate is the control plate, which blends the previous three plates together with light washes of ink.

As the original painting is composed of the two perspectives of “high distance” and “deep distance,” the division of the image into separate plates was done so accordingly, and split between the mid-ground for the first plate and the mountain peak for the second plate. In addition to the high amount of moisture sprayed onto the first and second plates to encourage the blending of different shades and colors, a fourth control plate was specifically added to further tie together the components of different plates with final washes of ink.