The Flower of Plenary

Tzeng Yong-Ning Solo Exhibition Catalog

In Tzeng Yong-ning’s gold-foiled The Flower of Plenary series, a large circle dominates the composition, and is in turn filled with countless smaller circles, of various patterns, colors, sizes. Packed together tightly, there is a sense of unity and harmony, due to the fact that all the individuals are grouped together in a comprehensive whole. Yet, each circle is lively and energetic, seemingly expanding outwards, floating upwards, or squeezing each other. Encompassed in a field of gold, the large circle embodies a solemn planet, sitting scared and elegant in the serenity of space.

Publisher: Lofty Culture & Art, Oct 2019
Language: Traditional Chinese, English
Editor: Elaine Suyu Liu
Translation/Photography: Timothy Chang
Paperback: 88 Pages
Demensions: 30 x 23 x 1 cm
ISBN: 978-986-94948-4-7
Price: NT$ 1, 000

Alchemy by Elaine Suyu Liu

Plates: (Excerpts)
A Flower A Heaven by Lin Han-chun
Painting as Body, Colors as Organs by Wang Pin-hua
Fragmentation, Mending, and Pasting byShen Keng-li
Postmodern Hard-pen Grains by Chiang Yen-chou
From Color to My Gorgeous Island by Hsiao Yi-chen

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