LKS-P306 白雪是白的 2016 石版 48 x 66 cm

White Snow is White

劉國松 Liu Kuo-sung

石版 Lithograph Print
1 版 Plates, 2 色 Colors, 2 印 Runs
版數 Edition of 100
2016, 48 x 66 cm

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Product Description




 White Snow is White is a masterpiece of Liu Kuo-sung’s “Water-rubbing” technique. The spraying of turpentine spreads the ink into fine dots across the water’s surface, appearing as snowflakes on the imprinted image. These fine details can be brilliantly recreated with lithography, but they also complicate the printmaking process.

In lithography, fine-grained limestone, found in Germany, is smoothly polished and drawn on with oil-based dermatograph pencils. The drawn image is treated nitric acid which allows the limestone to absorb to oil-based ink. On the blank portions of the stone, gum arabic or hardened tree sap is applied to protect the surface from absorbing the ink. Then ink is applied on the stone plate with rollers and is only absorbed by the acid-treated portions. Finally, the drawn image is transferred onto paper through the printmaking press.

The above process only illustrates the technical process of lithography; however, to faithfully recreate the likeness and spirit of the original painting, by sketching out each and every detail with the dematorgraph pencil, is the real challenge. The printmaker must possess skill as well as patience, in order to piece together the image one small portion at a time, over a lengthy period of two months.