LKS-P205 老榕樹的春天 2015 絲網版 90x104cm小圖

Spring of Old Banyan

劉國松 Liu Kuo-sung

絲網版 Silkscreen Print
27 版 Plates, 27 色 Colors, 27 印 Runs
版數 Edition of 100
2015, 90 x 104 cm

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Product Description



 The original painting is generally composed of the “Ink-staining” technique, without much use of the brush. This is similar to printmaking, which also forgoes brushwork in creating the image. At first glance the colors of the original appear simplistic; however, careful visual analysis suggests otherwise. In fact, due to the large amount of water used in its creation, the image conceals an abundance of colors, which have layered together after the water dried. In creating the screens in addition to splitting the layered colors into additional screens, great attention was given to the color’s transparency in each screen, in which water-based conditioners were manually mixed into the paint to increase the sense of transparency.

As the size of the print is unconventionally large, it cannot be evenly printed manually. Therefore, the studio ordered a custom screen printing machine, which mechanically pulls the squeegee over larger screens, up to an area of four by three meters. However, regardless of the assistance of the machine, the application of paint on each screen is still done manually, as in conventional silkscreen printing.