About Loftyart

Loftyart Gallery is multifaceted gallery specializing in Contemporary Art. In addition to representing outstanding artists from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and beyond Loftyart conducts curated exhibitions and academic seminars in promoting the cross-strait cultural exchange.

Loftyart is composed of a dynamic team. Curator Elaine Suyu Liu created, and served as editor-in-chief of, Taiwan’s first art investment column in the China Times during the 1980s, and has since managed galleries and auction houses in Taiwan and Hong Kong, curated public exhibitions, lectured in academia, and directed international symposiums. General Manager Richard Chang is a veteran of public relations and social media, who chose to take on the art world in promoting art and culture, authoring numerous books and articles including the biography Universe in the Mind – Liu Kuo-sung’s Artistic Journey.

In the world of Contemporary Art, Loftyart aims to emphasize art historical value, and is therefore dedicated to widening the platform for art and cultural exchange, and bridging the gap between academia and private collection.

Loftyart Gallery, Taipei, 2015. Photo: Timothy Chang