Chen Yufei

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Born in 1962 in Hefei, Anhui, Chen Yufei attended university at the age of fifteen due to the special circumstances following the Cultural Revolution. Most of Chen’s formal education was filled with communist indoctrination. Perhaps during this time, Chen developed a special sensitivity toward the working class and the lives of everyday people, for after all he was taught to believe the proletariat was the foundation of Chinese society. However, such values were soon met with doubt during China’s economic reform and transformation of the 1980s, which Chen witnessed first-handedly during a brief job venture to Shenzhen in 1987.

The hardest thing for Chen Yufei to come to terms with is the extreme hardship of everyday people, which consequentially became a prevalent theme throughout his art. In Shenzhen, Chen encountered countless workers who were mistreated and exploited, suffering from both physical occupational injury and emotional pain. In his 2012 painting Hurt, Chen depicts a man in an uneasy posture with a small wound across the left side of his chest. Here Chen expresses not only the physical discomfort of the man depicted, but also his inner mental anguish, as represented by the bleeding wound on top of his heart. Through his art, Chen ultimately becomes a passive observer. In this way, Chen finds a temporarily leave of absence which allows him to reflect on the suffering of those around him.


Tangled Dislocation

Chen Yufei, Ma BaozhongOct 22 – Nov 19, 2013National Chiao Tung University Art Center, Hsinchu

In the Prime of Vitality

Chen Yufei, Guo Kai, Huang Ming-che, Hung Tien-yu, Hsu Yu-jen, Lin Pang-soong, Ma Baozhong, Sun Liang, Wang Yigang, Yang Shu, Yu Youhan Oct 27 -…