Chou Cheng-liang

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Chou Cheng-liang, Father & Son Horse Ride, 2008
Chou Cheng-liang, Parade of Balloon Gods, 2008
Chou Cheng-liang Square Series: Resting People, 2008
Chou Cheng-liang, Great River Series: Visiting Friends, 2008
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Chou Cheng-liang,<i> Father & Son Horse Ride,</i> 2008
Chou Cheng-liang,<i> Parade of Balloon Gods,</i> 2008
Chou Cheng-liang<i> Square Series: Resting People, </i>2008
Chou Cheng-liang,<i> Great River Series: Visiting Friends,</i> 2008
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Born in 1969, Chou Cheng-liang graduated from the Visual Arts faculty of Tainan National University of the Arts. Chou’s primary subject matter is the urban environment, often intertwined with romantic or surreal idealizations of the inhabitants. In recent years, Chou has developed an interest in traditional Chinese landscape painting, in which traditional motifs and imagery has been paired with his depictions of urban environments. In all of his paintings, there is a profound sense of child-like yearning or daydream for a better life.

Chou Cheng-liang’s works have been exhibited in Taiwan, the United States, South Korea, and China, and have been collected by the National Museum of History, Taipei, as well as numerous private collections in Asia.