Wang Jiazeng

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Wang Jiazeng, Industrial Diary No. 248, 2010
Wang Jiazeng, Industrial Diary No. 355, 2013
Wang Jiazeng, City Ruins No. 18, 2014
Wang Jiazeng, Early Spring, 2014
Wang Jiazeng, Industrial Diary No. 59, 2009
Wang Jiazeng, Structured Unconscious State No. 3, 2010
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Wang Jiazeng,<i> Industrial Diary No. 248, </i>2010
Wang Jiazeng, <i>Industrial Diary No. 355,</i> 2013
Wang Jiazeng,<i> City Ruins No. 18, </i>2014
Wang Jiazeng, <i>Early Spring,</i> 2014
Wang Jiazeng, <i>Industrial Diary No. 59,</i> 2009
Wang Jiazeng, <i>Structured Unconscious State No. 3, </i>2010
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In Wang Jiazeng’s art, the gloomy and dilapidated industrial environment is a recurring subject. Wang graduated from the Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts in Shengyang, where Wang Jiazeng was born and raised, and where his father, uncles, and himself worked as factory workers. During the reforms of the late 1980s, Wang left the factories, while his friends and family stayed on, until they were eventually laid off, as hundreds of factories were forced to close down due to dangerous working conditions. This generation of industrial workers, and the physical and emotional labor they went through, became embedded into Wang Jiazeng’s art.