Yang Yu-ning

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Yang Yu-ning, Landscape, 2021
Yang Yu-ning, Stool and Vase, 2022
Yang Yu-ning, Chamomiles, 2021
Yang Yu-ning, Blue Lace Flowers, 2022
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Yang Yu-ning,<i> Landscape,</i> 2021
Yang Yu-ning,<i> Stool and Vase,</i> 2022
Yang Yu-ning, <i>Chamomiles,</i> 2021
Yang Yu-ning,<i> Blue Lace Flowers,</i> 2022
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Yang Yu-ning is a florist and visual artist based in Taiwan. She holds a Master of Fine Arts from Tunghai University and works primarily with installation and painting, as well as engages art festivals and creating public art.

In recent years, Yang Yu-ning began experimenting with ink on paper, selecting mediums in her native cultural context. Working specifically with degummed ink and wide brushstrokes, she creates images visually similar to gelatin silver prints. While the medium of ink and paper have deep historical and cultural traditions, such standard brushstrokes and genres, her approach draws more inspiration from modern traditions and mediums. In her approach process, the paper is introduced to ink and an image is complete once the ink dries, in an organic process, which is comparable a self-developing film of an instant camera that develops an image naturally after exposure to light.


An Insight into Yu-ning Yang’s Paintings

Yang Yu-ning opted for vellum paper, ink and other classic oriental painting materials for this series of creation. Nevertheless, her artworks from this series rise above the boundaries defining ink painting and calligraphy painting.
Bishop’s flowers. Photo: Yang Yu-ning