Yu Youhan

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Yu Youhan, 2013.2.3, 2013
Yu Youhan, 2013.2, 2013
Yu Youhan, 2013.1, 2013
Yu Youhan, 2012.12, 2012
Yu Youhan, Waving Hand, 2012
Yu Youhan, Waving to the World, 2011
Yu Youhan, The Girl of Flower, 2011
Yu Youhan,Mao Voting, 2011
Yu Youhan, Chairman Mao Celebrating his Birthday, 2011
Yu Youhan, Up the Tiananmen Tower, 2008
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Yu Youhan,<i> 2013.2.3,</i> 2013
Yu Youhan,<i> 2013.2,</i> 2013
Yu Youhan, <i>2013.1,</i> 2013
Yu Youhan,<i> 2012.12,</i> 2012
Yu Youhan, <i>Waving Hand,</i> 2012
Yu Youhan, <i>Waving to the World,</i> 2011
Yu Youhan, <i>The Girl of Flower, </i>2011
Yu Youhan,<i>Mao Voting,</i> 2011
Yu Youhan,<i> Chairman Mao Celebrating his Birthday,</i> 2011
Yu Youhan, <i>Up the Tiananmen Tower, </i>2008
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Yu Youhan began engaging in abstract art in the 1980s. Yu’s greatest inspiration is Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu, in which he believes his artistic practice is in line with Lao Tzu’s Tao or the Way. In 1988, his focus shifted toward Political Pop portrayals of Chairman Mao, executed with bright colors and exaggerated brushstrokes. After nearly two decades, he returned to abstraction with circular compositions that revisits his connection to spirituality and personal life.



Hui Aggregation

Cheng Tsai-tung, Chu Youye, Hou Chun-ming, Huang Ming-che, Lin Pang-soong, Lin Wan-shih, Liu Dahong, Wu Jun, Yu Youhan
Sept 20 – Oct 20, 2013
Shanghai Xuhui Art Museum
Nov 22 – Dec 27, 2013
Cheng Shiu University Art Center
Jan 8 – Feb 16, 2014
Cultural Affairs Bureau of Taoyuan County
Mar 7 – April 27, 2014
Luodong Cultural Working House of Cultural Affairs Bureau of Yilan County

In the Prime of Vitality

Chen Yufei, Guo Kai, Huang Ming-che, Hung Tien-yu, Hsu Yu-jen, Lin Pang-soong, Ma Baozhong, Sun Liang, Wang Yigang, Yang Shu, Yu Youhan
Oct 27 – Nov 16, 2012