Wang Yigang

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Wang Yigang in his Studio, Shenyang, 2015
Wang Yigang in his Studio, Shenyang, 2019
Wang Yigang’s Studio, Shenyang, 2019
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Wang Yigang in his Studio, Shenyang, 2015
Wang Yigang in his Studio, Shenyang, 2019
Wang Yigang's Studio, Shenyang, 2019
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Wang Yigang, No. 28, 2016
Wang Yigang, R60, 2017
Wang Yigang, No. 40, 2016
Wang Yigang, No. 41, 2016
Wang Yigang, No. 13, 2015
Wang Yigang, No. 14, 2015
Wang Yigang, No. 21, 2016
Wang Yigang, G11, 2013
Wang Yigang, Blue & Green Series A3, 2012
Wang Yigang, Little White Bed, 1994
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Wang Yigang, <i>No. 28,</i> 2016
Wang Yigang,<i> R60,</i> 2017
Wang Yigang, <i>No. 40,</i> 2016
Wang Yigang, <i>No. 41,</i> 2016
Wang Yigang,<i> No. 13,</i> 2015
Wang Yigang,<i> No. 14,</i> 2015
Wang Yigang,<i> No. 21,</i> 2016
Wang Yigang, <i>G11,</i> 2013
Wang Yigang, <i>Blue & Green Series A3,</i> 2012
Wang Yigang, <i>Little White Bed,</i> 1994
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Wang Yigang is one of the earliest Chinese artists of his generation to engage in abstraction. For thirty years, abstraction has been his instrument of criticism and reflection, and has proven to be a lonely and difficult path, especially in culturally conservative and sensitive atmosphere of contemporary China.


In the Prime of Vitality

Chen Yufei, Guo Kai, Huang Ming-che, Hung Tien-yu, Hsu Yu-jen, Lin Pang-soong, Ma Baozhong, Sun Liang, Wang Yigang, Yang Shu, Yu Youhan
Oct 27 – Nov 16, 2012


Abstract Work

Catalog Entry
Wang Yigang’s Road to Abstraction
At first glance, Wang Yigang’s No. 23 of 2016 appears to be a work free of all conventions. However, the cacophony of paint and excess of artistic liberty is indicative of Wang Yigang’s mature style, and a product of the artist’s long venture into the field of abstraction.
Wang Yigang in his Studio, Shenyang, 2019. Photo: Song Zhuoran


Abstraction and Concept

Museum Exhibition
Wang Yigang
Body, Abstraction and Concept: Performance, and Post-Modernity – Wang Yigang Solo Art Exhibition opens April 7 to June 11, 2023 at the Chengdu Art Museum. The exhibition is divided into four sections presenting Wang’s works from his university period to the present spanning over forty years. Wang Yigang constantly explores the contemporary possibility of abstraction, and continues to question his existing creative methods and concepts.
Installation View, Chengdu Art Museum, Chengdu. Photo: Song Zhuoran