Eight Views of Taiwan

Lin Pang-soong, Zhou Gang, Xue Song – Art Creation Project

Eight Views of Taiwan first appeared in 1694 in the official Taiwan Chorography. In the four following centuries, the list of Eight Views has undergone a series of changes according to the times, due to not only the island’s development and social growth, but also the people’s choice of aesthetics and sense of cultural identification. What makes a scenery beautiful? A viewer’s opinion often oversteps the boundaries of objectivity. From 2013, three cross-strait artists, Lin (Apex) Pang-soong, Zhou Gang, and Xue Song, were invited for the Eight Views of Taiwan creation project. Without a preconceived list of Eight Views, the artists were invited to travel around Taiwan, and through their experience and interaction with the island, each represent the scenery in their own artistic language, ultimately painting a view into the cultural and historical heritage of Taiwan.

Beyond the Silk Road, Across the Sea to Taiwan by Elaine Suyu Liu
A Trip Down Memory Lane by Yoken Wu

Plates: Project Introductions
Lin Pang-soong
Zhou Gang
Xue Song

Lin Pang-soong
Zhou Gang
Xue Song

Lin Pang-soong, Zhou Gang, Xue Song, Eight Views of Taiwan
Sept 15 – Oct 17, 2015

Publisher: Lofty Culture & Art, Sept 2015
Language: Traditional Chinese, English
Curator: Elaine Suyu Liu
Editor: Timothy Chang
Paperback: 72 Pages
Dimensions: 25 x 25 x 1 cm
ISBN: 978-986-89580-7-4


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