Guo Kai
1990Graduated with Bachelor of Fine Arts, Fuyang Teachers College, Anhui
1997Graduated with Creative Excellence Award, 9th Oil Painting Seminar, China Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing
2009Graduated with Master of Fine Arts and Graduation Artwork Excellence Award, College of Art and Design, Wuhan University of Technology, Wuhan
CAA Appointed Visiting Scholar at the International Art City, Paris, France
Present Professor of the Architecture & Art Institute at Hefei University of Technology
Selected Solo Exhibitions
2020Attachment, Yi Art Institute, Hefei
2018Faraway Breeze, National Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, Taipei
2016Scenery/State, Loftyart Gallery, Taipei
2014Conscious Landscape, Loftyart Gallery, Taipei
2011Natural Image, Can Art Center, Beijing
2010Traces of Mind & Spirit, Shengling Art Gallery, Shanghai
2009Passion for Paris – Guo Kai Artwork Exchange Exhibition, 8303 Art Studio, Paris, France
Selected Group Exhibitions
2018The 1st Shandong & Anhui Oil Painting Exhibition, Rongyuan Art Museum, Qingdao
New Era, New Anhui School – 40 Years of Painting in Anhui, National Art Museum of China, Beijing
2016From the Start – Tempera Painting Exhibition, National Touring Exhibition
2014The 12th National Art Exhibition – Oil Painting, Zhejiang Art Museum, Hangzhou
The 12th National Art Exhibition – Watercolor, Wuhan Art Museum, Wuhan
2013Beautiful Haikou – The 1st National Invitational Art Exhibition, Meilidao International Art Center, Haikou
2012In the Prime of Vitality, Loftyart Gallery, Taipei
Recall Jiangnan – Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition, Eye Level Art, Shengling Art Gallery, Shanghai
Rise of Central China, Pride Around the Lake – New Anhui School of Art Invitational Exhibition, CMC Art Museum, Hefei
2011Humanities in Jiangnan – My Land, My People Oil Painting Innovational Exhibition, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Anhui, Jiangxi, Shanghai
Contemporary China Through the Eyes of Artists – Chinese Oil Painting Exhibition, Guan Shan Yue Art Museum, Shenzhen
2009West Wind, East Rhyme: Eastern China Six Provinces & One City Oil Painting Exhibition, Art Gallery of Shandong Library, Jinan
The 11th National Art Exhibition – Oil Painting, Hubei Museum of Art, Wuhan
The 11th National Art Exhibition – Watercolor, National Art Museum of China, Beijing
2008Asia in Harmony – The 23rd Asian International Art Exhibition, Art Museum of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, Guangzhou
2007The 8th National Watercolor & Pastel Painting Exhibition, Baiyuan Art Gallery of Dalian Municipal Library, Dalian
2004The 10th National Art Exhibition – Oil Painting, Guangdong Museum of Art, Guangzhou
2003Embracing the New Century – The 3rd China National Exhibition of Oil Painting, National Art Museum of China, Beijing
1998Chinese International Art Year – Contemporary Chinese Landscape Oil Painting Exhibition, National Art Museum of China, Beijing
Style of the Times: National Life Drawing Exhibition, Yanhuang Art Museum of China, Beijing
1997Toward the New Century – China Youth Oil Painting Exhibition, National Art Museum of China, Beijing
Awards & Honors
2016Jury at “Huizhou Oil Painting,” National Art Foundation
2012Silver Prize, The 4th Anhui Art Exhibition
20113rd Prize, Anhui Social Science, Literature, Art Award
2010Directed Historical Art Project, “Breakthrough of Zero – Xu Haifeng,” Anhui
2009Gold Prize, The 3rd Anhui Art Exhibition
Award Nomination, The 11th National Art Exhibition – Watercolor Painting
Excellence Award, The 7th China Sports Art Exhibition
2008Excellence Award, National Master of Fine Arts Graduate Student Exhibition
Distinction Award, Eastern China Watercolor Painting Invitational Exhibition
Silver Prize, The 1st Anhui Art Exhibition
Awarded “Distinguished Young Artist of Anhui” Title
2007Excellence Award, CCTV China’s Outstanding Paintings Broadcast
2005Excellence Award, The 6th China Sports Art Exhibition
2004Silver Prize, The 1st Anhui Art Exhibition
2003Excellence Award, China 1st Pastel Painting Exhibition
2001Excellence Award, China National Oil Painting Exhibition
Selected Public Exhibitions
National Art Museum of China, Beijing
Museum of Pastel Painting, Suzhou
Jinbaozhai Art, Taiyuan
Pan-China, Shanghai
China Central Television, Beijing