Kung Fung Yung Tea

Tzeng Yong-ning

Kung Fung Yung Tea, specializing in Taiwanese Teas since 1980, supports local artist Tzeng Yong-ning in a colorful collaboration, ranging deluxe gift sets, individual tea caddies, and pineapple cakes.

Kung Fung Yung’s Tzeng Yong-ning series © Kung Fung Yung。Photo: Courtesy of Tzeng Yong-ning

Tea Caddy by Kung Fung Yung © Kung Fung Yung. Photo: Courtesy of Tzeng Yong-ning

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Cultural Minister Lee & Executive Director Reeves Visit

Tzeng Yong-ning
Cultural Minister Lee Yung-te and Executive Director Jordan Reeves were impressed by Tzeng’s work, especially the strong use of colors and the incorporation of Taiwanese elements.
Gallery Director Elaine Liu, Executive Director Jordan Reeves, Artist Tzeng Yong-ning, Cultural Minister Lee Yung-te, Manager Richard Chang, & Art Director Timothy Chang. Photo: Ming Kong

Louis Vuitton – Crossing Boundaries

Tzeng Yong-ning
In celebration of 2018 Louis Vuitton’s 35th anniversary in Taiwan, local artist Tzeng Yong-ning was invited for a collaboration on a limited edition suitcase.
Louis Vuitton’s classic travel suitcase painted by Tzeng Yong-ning © Louis Vuitton. Photo: Courtesy of Tzeng Yong-ning