Landscape Uphill

Excerpt from Tzeng Yong-ning’s Landscapes, Passing Leaps and Bounds” in Passing Landscapes, Lofty Culture & Art, 2020.
by Elaine Suyu Liu

Tzeng Yong-ning, Landscape – Uphill 16, 2020 – 2021, Ball-point Pen and Acrylic on Paper, 107 x 225 cm © Tzeng Yong-ning

Tzeng Yong-ning’s new series, Landscape – Uphill, feature an ensemble of bizarre shapes stacked on top of each other. The ensemble appears to bare visual weight, especially in contrast to the small and large circles surrounding it. The title Uphill suggests the line of movement and the sense of growth in the composition.

Tzeng Yong-ning, Landscape – Uphill 04, 2020, Ball-point Pen and Acrylic on Paper, 2020, 107 x 75 cm © Tzeng Yong-ning

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