Phoenix – Art from the Ashes

Xue Song
May 18 – July 14, 2019
Long Museum, West Bund, Shanghai

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Xue Song, Calligraphy Imagery, 2019
Xue Song, Shanghai Postcards, 2019
Xue Song, Smooth Sailing, 2018
Xue Song, Speckled Landscape, 2018
Xue Song, Four Seasons – Spring, Summer, Fall, & Winter, 2018
Xue Song, Peace Dove – Dialogue with Magritte, 2017
Xue Song, Tribute to Rothko No. 5, 2015
Xue Song, Two Tigers, 2010
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Xue Song,<i> Calligraphy Imagery,</i> 2019
Xue Song, <i>Shanghai Postcards,</i> 2019
Xue Song, <i>Smooth Sailing,</i> 2018
Xue Song, <i>Speckled Landscape,</i> 2018
Xue Song, <i>Four Seasons - Spring, Summer, Fall, & Winter,</i> 2018
Xue Song, <i>Peace Dove - Dialogue with Magritte,</i> 2017
Xue Song, <i>Tribute to Rothko No. 5,</i> 2015
Xue Song, <i>Two Tigers,</i> 2010
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Shanghai’s Long Museum (West Bund) presents Phoenix – Art from the Ashes, a large-scale solo exhibition by the artist Xue Song. Curated by Jeffrey Spalding, the exhibition features important works from Xue’s prolific artistic career spanning over thirty years, including his early ventures with fire and collage, as well as the artist’s current developments and progress with series such as Dialogue with Masters, History & Reality, City & Youth, Chinese Landscape, and Foam.

Long Museum (West Bund)
3398, Longteng Ave., Xuhui Dist., Shanghai

May 18 – July 14, 2019
Hours: Tuesday – Sunday, 10:00 am – 5:30 pm

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