The 36th National Cultural Award

Liu Kuo-sung

Taiwan’s National Cultural Award ceremony was held at the Executive Yuan on April 27, 2017. Liu Kuo-sung, artist Cheng Shan-hsi and director Tsai Ming-liang were recipients for this year. Premier Lin Chuan and the Minister Cheng of the Ministry of Culture personally addressed the event and commended Liu Kuo-sung for his contributions to the modernization of Chinese ink painting. Liu Kuo-sung, however, was a bit under the weather and his daughter Liu Lin-hui accepted the honor and expressed thanks on his behalf.

– The Liu Kuo-sung Archives

Premier Lin Chuan and Liu Kuo-sung’s daughter, Liu Lin-hui. Photo: Timothy Chang

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To The Moon – Gallery Talk

In Conversation
Liu Kuo-sung
On March 3 Elaine Suyu Liu, Director of Loftyart Gallery, will present a guided tour on the To The Moon – Liu Kuo-sung Exhibition in rooms 201 – 203 at the Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts.
Liu Kuo-sung, Blue Moon Landscape, 1969 – 1990 © The Liu Kuo-sung Archives

American Academy of Arts & Science Honorary Member

Liu Kuo-sung
On October 8, 2016, the Father of Modern Ink Painting, Liu Kuo-sung was induced as a foreign honorary member of American Academy of Arts and Sciences.
Liu Kuo-sung at Harvard University, 2016. Photo: Courtesy of The Liu Kuo-sung Archives