Cheng Tsai-tung

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Cheng Tsai-tung (Zheng Zaidong) is a painter who knows the art of living, and his paintings, autobiographical in nature, can be read as diaries or travel notes. Cheng frequently paints family, friends, as well as the places he visits and the things he enjoy. Fascinated by the life of ancient Chinese literati, Cheng aspires to live as an ancient man in Modern times. There is a strong nostalgic tone throughout his paintings, as well as a touch of self-pity.

After immersing himself throughout the cultural landscape of Taiwan, Cheng Tsai-tung moved to Shanghai in 1998, and toured the famous mountains and rivers of China. Cheng’s painting style also changed, as he experienced first hand the life style of Chinese literati that he had longed for. His strong identification with the Chinese cultural heritage, especially the painting tradition of the elite class of the dynastic periods, Cheng developed a strong and distinct contemporary oriental aesthetics.


Hui Aggregation

Cheng Tsai-tung, Chu Youye, Hou Chun-ming, Huang Ming-che, Lin Pang-soong, Lin Wan-shih, Liu Dahong, Wu Jun, Yu Youhan Sept 20 – Oct 20, 2013 Shanghai…