Tzeng Yong-ning

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Tzeng Yong-ning's Studio, Guandu, 2019
Tzeng Yong-ning's Studio, Guandu, 2019
Tzeng Yong-ning's Studio, Guandu, 2019
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Tzeng Yong-ning's Studio, Guandu, 2019
Tzeng Yong-ning's Studio, Guandu, 2019
Tzeng Yong-ning's Studio, Guandu, 2019
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Tzeng Yong-ning, Landscape - Uphill 09, 2020
Tzeng Yong-ning, Landscape - Uphill 05, 2020
Tzeng Yong-ning, The Flower of Plenary 04, 2019
Tzeng Yong-ning, Small Brocade 12, 2019
Tzeng Yong-ning, Four Seasons - Winter Warmth, 2018
Tzeng Yong-ning, Build 13, 2018
Tzeng Yong-ning, Rhythm of the Origin 50, 2017
Tzeng Yong-ning, Fire 05, 2017
Tzeng Yong-ning, Red Sparks, 2010 - 2016
Tzeng Yong-ning, Stars 07, 2013 - 2015
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Tzeng Yong-ning, <i>Landscape - Uphill 09</i>, 2020
Tzeng Yong-ning, <i>Landscape - Uphill 05, </i>2020
Tzeng Yong-ning, <i>The Flower of Plenary 04, </i>2019
Tzeng Yong-ning, <i>Small Brocade 12,</i> 2019
Tzeng Yong-ning, <i>Four Seasons - Winter Warmth,</i> 2018
Tzeng Yong-ning, <i>Build 13,</i> 2018
Tzeng Yong-ning, <i>Rhythm of the Origin 50,</i> 2017
Tzeng Yong-ning, <i>Fire 05,</i> 2017
Tzeng Yong-ning, <i>Red Sparks,</i> 2010 - 2016
Tzeng Yong-ning, <i>Stars 07,</i> 2013 - 2015
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Tzeng Yong-ning considers himself as a “barbarian,” because the environment he grew up in, was either the countryside, in mountains or by the sea. Due to his childhood interest in art and the encouragement of his father, who was an amateur photographer, Tzeng spent a great deal of time in nature, sketching, taking photographs, and ultimately leaving a large portfolio of botanical illustrations, all of which later served as inspiration for his art. His first solo exhibition came to be titled Barbarian Garden.

His first solo exhibition was a testament to Tzeng Yong-ning’s childhood experience with nature and art. Subsequently, the exhibition opened the doors to Taipei National University of the Arts (TNUA), when Tzeng bid farewell to over five years of independent study in his hometown of Lukang.

Since his initial success, Tzeng Yong-ning has produced new works every year, as well as developed several different series, and has essentially made his presence as an emerging young artist. In addition to sheer physical audacity, his art is a testament of his creative spirit. Working with ball-point pen is highly labour-intensive. There are no shortcuts, and no energy can be spared. Inside his studio, lies countless empty pen cartridges: an extraordinary sight. Furthermore, on the paper of his work, tens of millions of lines, build and overlap in complex images, filling the entire composition, in which each and every line represents the daily labour of the artist.



Passing Landscapes

Tzeng Yong-ning Solo Exhibition
Lofty Culture & Art, 2020
© Loftyart Gallery


Brocade of Spring

Catalog Entry
Tzeng Yong-ning’s Newest Series
The seemingly abstract works by Tzeng Yong-ning are often embedded with traditional motifs reflective of the cultural heritage of his hometown of Lukang.
Tzeng Yong-ning, Brocade of Spring 01, 2020 – 2021 © Tzeng Yong-ning

Landscape Uphill

Catalog Entry
Tzeng Yong-ning’s Landscapes, Passing Leaps and Bounds
Landscape – Uphill feature an ensemble of bizarre shapes stacked on top of each other. The ensemble appears to bare visual weight, especially in contrast to the small and large circles surrounding it.
Tzeng Yong-ning, Landscape – Uphill 04, 2020 © Tzeng Yong-ning

The Flower of Plenary

Catalog Entry
In Tzeng Yong-ning’s gold-foiled The Flower of Plenary series, a large circle dominates the composition, and is in turn filled with countless smaller circles, of various patterns, colors, sizes.
Tzeng Yong-ning, The Flower of Plenary 07, 2019 – 2020 © Tzeng Yong-ning


Cultural Minister Lee & Executive Director Reeves Visit

Tzeng Yong-ning
Cultural Minister Lee Yung-te and Executive Director Jordan Reeves were impressed by Tzeng’s work, especially the strong use of colors and the incorporation of Taiwanese elements.
Gallery Director Elaine Liu, Executive Director Jordan Reeves, Artist Tzeng Yong-ning, Cultural Minister Lee Yung-te, Manager Richard Chang, & Art Director Timothy Chang. Photo: Ming Kong

Louis Vuitton – Crossing Boundaries

Tzeng Yong-ning
In celebration of 2018 Louis Vuitton’s 35th anniversary in Taiwan, local artist Tzeng Yong-ning was invited for a collaboration on a limited edition suitcase.
Louis Vuitton’s classic travel suitcase painted by Tzeng Yong-ning © Louis Vuitton. Photo: Courtesy of Tzeng Yong-ning

Kung Fung Yung Tea

Tzeng Yong-ning
Kung Fung Yung Tea, specializing in Taiwanese Teas since 1980, supports local artist Tzeng Yong-ning in a colorful collaboration.
Tea Caddy by Kung Fung Yung © Kung Fung Yung. Photo: Courtesy of Tzeng Yong-ning