Louis Vuitton – Crossing Boundaries

Tzeng Yong-ning

In celebration of 2018 Louis Vuitton’s 35th anniversary in Taiwan, local artist Tzeng Yong-ning was invited for a collaboration on a limited edition suitcase. Hand-painted with Tzeng’s signature style, the classic travel suitcase is adorned with bright colors, and playful shapes.

Louis Vuitton’s classic travel suitcase painted by Tzeng Yong-ning © Louis Vuitton. Photo: Courtesy of Tzeng Yong-ning

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Primitive Landscape of Belief – Academic Seminar

In Conversation
Tzeng Yong-ning
The academic seminar to Tzeng Yong-ning’s solo exhibition, Primitive Landscape of Belief, titled The Belief of Art – Tzeng Yong-ning’s Art Career, will be held on April 27, 2022 from 1:20 to 3:10 pm in the Library conference room of National yang Ming Chiao Tung University. Conducted in Mandarin Chinese, the seminar’s speakers include artist Tzeng Yong-ning, Richard MC Chang of Loftyart Gallery, and Lin Han-chun of the Yilan Museum of Art.
Installation View, NYCU Arts Center. Photo: Richard Chang

Jimmy Lu’s ABCs of Art – IC Broadcasting

In Conversation
Tzeng Yong-ning
Artist Tzeng Yong-ning and Richard Chang of Loftyart Gallery spoke as guests with Associate Professor Cheng Chih-kuei of NTUA, on Jimmy Lu’s ABCs of Art on IC Broadcasting FM97.5. Together, they covered Tzeng’s artistic practice, his exclusive use of ball-point pens, as well as his upcoming show at NYCU Arts Center.
Professor Cheng Chih-kuei, Manager Richard Chang, and Artist Tzeng Yong-ning. Photo: IC Broadcasting

Cultural Minister Lee & Executive Director Reeves Visit

Tzeng Yong-ning
Cultural Minister Lee Yung-te and Executive Director Jordan Reeves were impressed by Tzeng’s work, especially the strong use of colors and the incorporation of Taiwanese elements.
Gallery Director Liu, Executive Director Reeves, Artist Tzeng, Cultural Minister Lee, Manager R. Chang, & Art Director T. Chang. Photo: M. Kong