Hung Yi Art Gallery Opening

Hung Yi

Hung Yi Art Gallery, located on the cultural Changnan Road in Changhua County, officially opened February 21, 2020. The museum’s post-modern mix and match architecture brings together an ensemble of materials and elements, and deconstructs the concept of the white box museum, which reflect founder Hung Yi’s colorful and distinct artistic style and vision. The permanent exhibition showcases a definitive collection of the artist’s sculptures, paintings, cultural creative works. Periodic exhibitions will feature a diversity of local Taiwanese artists.

In 2000, Hung Yi moved into the Taichung’s art district, Stock20, and have since achieved international fame in the last twenty years. Hung Yi believes the next twenty years will be another milestone, starting in Changhua. With the new museum, Hung hopes bring together local artists and create a platform for promoting Taiwanese art on an international level.

Hung Yi Art Gallery, Chunaghua, 2020. Artwork © Mr. Hung Yi Art Studio. Photo: Courtesy of Hung YI

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