Quietly Listening to Wutong

Gu Jing
September 2 – 24, 2014

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Gu Jing, Purple Lotus, 2014
Gu Jing, Admiring Rock from Window, 2014
Gu Jing, Pine Cone, 2008
Gu Jing, Chrysanthemum & Studio, 2014
Gu Jing, Peonies & Cases, 2014
Gu Jing, Butterfly Loves Rock, 2014
Gu Jing, Cat & Rock III, 2014
Gu Jing, Magnolia II, 2014
Gu Jing, Peony I, 2014
Gu Jing, Date at Dusk, 2014
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Gu Jing, <i>Purple Lotus, </i>2014
Gu Jing, <i>Admiring Rock from Window,</i> 2014
Gu Jing, <i>Pine Cone,</i> 2008
Gu Jing, <i>Chrysanthemum & Studio,</i> 2014
Gu Jing,<i> Peonies & Cases, </i>2014
Gu Jing, <i>Butterfly Loves Rock, </i>2014
Gu Jing, <i>Cat & Rock III,</i> 2014
Gu Jing,<i> Magnolia II, </i>2014
Gu Jing,</i> Peony I, </i>2014
Gu Jing, <i>Date at Dusk, </i>2014
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The themes and motifs of Gu Jing’s new ink paintings can be categorized as Paying Respect to Scholar’s Rocks, Appreciating Objects of the Study, Admiring Flowers & Birds, and Wandering through Gardens, which not only reflect Gu’s artistic pursuit as an artist, but also her fascination and respect for the natural world. The serene atmosphere of her paintings is vividly attractive and invites the viewer into the composition. In terms of artistic creation, the composition of a painting is reflective a painter’s state of mind, and therefore only a mind at ease can ever create tranquil compositions. When viewing Gu’s paintings, one shares with her a state of mind that is tranquil or quiet – a mind that is at ease.

September 2 – 24, 2014
Reception: Saturday, September 6, 2014, 3:00 pm
Hours: Tuesday – Saturday, 2:00 – 6:00 pm

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