Artco China March 2016

Hung Yi

Deeply inspired by traditional Taiwanese folk art, sculptor Hung Yi’s works are brightly colored and intricately decorated with traditional patterns and motifs symbolizing wealth and auspiciousness. Not only have his animal-themed sculptures become famous throughout Taiwan in recent years, they have also captured the attention of the art market. 

In 2016, Hung Yi is bring his art to Mainland China, with a popular theme, Journey to the West. The touring exhibition includes three destinations in Beijing; the “bird Nest” stadium at Olympic Green, the APEC summit center at Yangqi Lake, and also the Temple of Earth or Ditan Park.

Artco China, March 2016 © ARTouch

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Hung Yi Art Gallery Opening

Hung Yi
Hung Yi Art Gallery, located on the cultural Changnan Road in Changhua County, officially opened February 21. The museum’s post-modern mix and match architecture brings together an ensemble of materials and elements.
Hung Yi Art Gallery, Changhua, 2020. Photo: Courtesy of Hung Yi

Grand Opening of Hung Yi Art Center in Guilin’s Yuzi Paradise

Hung Yi
Founded over twenty years ago by Taiwan’s Chin Pao San Group, Yuzi Paradise is the first modern sculpture park in China. Since its founding, the sculpture park has hosted eleven international sculpture symposiums and eight international painting symposiums.
Hung Yi Art Center, Yuzi Paradise, Guilin, 2016. Photo: Courtesy of Hung Yi