Modern Ink Painting Quintet

Chiang Li-hsiang, Lien Yu, Hsu Hsiu-lan, Wu Pui-wah, Chen Yi-fen
February 20 – March 16, 2016

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Loftyart Gallery proudly presents five distinguished artists of Modern Ink Painting: Chiang Li-hsiang, Lien Yu, Hsu Hsiu-lan, Wu Pui-wah, and Chen Yi-fen. The five artists have engaged in Modern Ink Painting for over twenty years, four of which are bachelors or masters of Fine Arts from National Taiwan Normal University. Starting from traditional Chinese painting, the artists also have firm foundations in Western painting. For example, Chiang Li-hsiang studied Western painting under Liang Dan-fong from 1970, and Wu Pui-wah entered the Lingnan School of Chinese Painting in 1985. In their years of painting and pursuit for innovation and change, they met the pioneer of Modern Ink Painting, Liu Kuo-sung in a matter of fate, and honored him as their teacher.

Despite sharing the same teacher and mentor, the five artists each strive to develop their own style. Chiang Li-hsiang sets natural rhythmic white lines against solid black lines; the contrasts creates a bold rendering of natural light. Lien Yu takes Eastern thought as the basis of her painterly experimentations, thereby constructing an unique personal style of Modern Ink. Hsu Hsiu-lan utilizes innovative techniques such as “Ink-rubbing” and “Ink-staining,” in layering the faces of mountains in respect to the contrast of light and dark. Wu Pui-wah uses the effect of liubai, or negative space and the balance of dark, light, thick and thin colors in representing her artful perception of the natural world. Chen Yi-fen holds her concept of altering the composition as the painting unfolds, and employs a rich display of colors and lines; she ultimately searches for the delight of inkplay between likeness and abstraction.

Ink Asia 2015
Hong Kong Convention Centre
December 18 – 20, 2015

Gallery Touring Exhibition
February 20 – March 16, 2016
Hours: Tuesday – Saturday 2:00 – 6:00 pm

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