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Evaluation and Value

Xue Song’s Role as an Artist in Contemporary Culture
by Timothy Chang

As a Chinese Contemporary artist, the challenge of Western art has undeniably shaped his practice. Consciously working within this premise, he addresses his own identity and confronts the complex history that has shaped him and the fast-changing society in which he is a part of. In this way, Xue Song’s evaluation of himself as an artist ultimately corresponds to the value of his art.

Xue Song in his Studio, Shanghai. Photo: T. Chang

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One Art Taipei 2023

Jan 13 – 15, 2023
Hotel Metropolitan Premier Taipei
Xue Song, New Heights, 2023 © Xue Song

Art Taipei 2022

Oct 21 – 24, 2022
Taipei World Trade Center
Liu Kuo-sung, Halo Within Halo, 1972 © The Liu Kuo-sung Archives

Art Taichung 2022

July 15 – 17, 2022
The Lin, Taichung
Chen Pei-yi, Playing Garden – Neptunia Oleracea, 2022 © Chen Pei-yi

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So Dawn Goes Down To Day – Art Gallery at Evergreen

Museum Exhibition
Lyse Lemieux
Lyse Lemieux’s So Dawn Goes Down To Day opens Sept 17 at the Art Gallery at Evergreen. The solo exhibition focuses on the Vancouver-based artist’s recent paintings, as well as an accompanying sculpture that points to the ongoing influence of textiles in Lemieux’s interdisciplinary practice.
Lyse Lemieux, Dorsale. La Couleur de mes mots, 2022 © Lyse Lemieux. Photo: Rachel Topham

Primitive Landscape of Belief – Academic Seminar

In Conversation
Tzeng Yong-ning
The academic seminar to Tzeng Yong-ning’s solo exhibition, Primitive Landscape of Belief, titled The Belief of Art – Tzeng Yong-ning’s Art Career, will be held on April 27, 2022 from 1:20 to 3:10 pm in the Library conference room of National yang Ming Chiao Tung University. Conducted in Mandarin Chinese, the seminar’s speakers include artist Tzeng Yong-ning, Richard MC Chang of Loftyart Gallery, and Lin Han-chun of the Yilan Museum of Art.
Installation View, NYCU Arts Center. Photo: Richard Chang

Paving the Road to Contemporary Ink

Museum Exhibition
Liu Kuo-sung
In celebration of Liu Kuo-sung’s 90th birthday, National Taiwan Normal University and The Liu Kuo-sung Archives presents Paving the Road to Contemporary Ink – Liu Kuo-sung Archives Exhibition 1940s – 1980s. Showcasing important letters, documents, and photographs from Liu’s extensive career of over seventy years, the exhibition runs from April 16 to May 11, 2022 at NTNU’s Dechun Gallery.
Liu Kuo-sung, Self-Portrait, 1951 © The Liu Kuo-sung Archives

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Passing Landscapes

Tzeng Yong-ning Solo Exhibition
Lofty Culture & Art, 2020
© Loftyart Gallery

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