Collection by the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Xue Song

During the Ink Asia 2017 art fair at the Hong Kong Convention Centre, the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston made a decision to include Xue Song’s painting, Spring Colors, 2013, as part of the Museum’s permanent collection, through the help of a generous donor. The MFA has an extensive collection of Chinese art, ranging from the classical master Shen Zhou, to contemporary artists including Liu Xiaodong and Zhan Wang. Wu Tung Senior Curator of Chinese Art, Nancy Berliner commented that the lines of Xue Song’s landscapes are reminiscent of the brushwork of the Ming Dynasty master Shen Zhou.

Timothy Chang, Art Director of Loftyart Gallery, with Nancy Berliner, Wu Tung Senior Curator of Chinese Art, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Photo: Richard Chang

Contemporary Art Represents the Spirit of Today

Xue Song
In this video, we take an in-depth look into Xue Song’s career as a Chinese contemporary artist, covering his journey from his hometown of Dangshan, Anhui to the metropolitan city of Shanghai, his interest in Chinese history and contemporary culture, his wide range of subject matter, and the initial fire that sparked his inspiration for the iconic style of burnt collage that he is known for today.
Video Still from Trans-Figuration. Video: Courtesy of Li Youyou

Trans-Figuration – Guangdong Museum of Art

Museum Exhibition
Xue Song
Trans-Figuration by Xue Song is on view at the Guangdong Museum of Art from March 26 to April 20, 2022. The exhibition title is inspired by the term “transfiguration” in Buddhist art, which can be applied to understand Xue Song’s appropriation of ready-made images.
Installation View, Guangdong Museum of Art. Photo: Courtesy of Xue Song

Pop, Fashion, Currents – TEDx Talks

Xue Song
The confrontation of one’s identity in terms of history, society, and culture has been an integral theme in the art of Xue Song, and was explored in the artist’s TED Talk on Oct 21, 2021 organized by TEDxHangzhouED.
Video Still from The Zeitgeist © TEDx Talks