A State of Being

Lin Pang-soong
January 14 – March 5, 2017
Fo Guang Yuan Art Gallery, Taichung
March 18 – April 23, 2017
Fo Guang Yuan Main Art Gallery, Kaohsiung

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Lin Pang-soong, Outside Radiance, 2016
Lin Pang-soong, Mountain Fans, 2016
Lin Pang-soong, Complete Freedom, 2016
Lin Pang-soong, A State of Being, 2016
Lin Pang-soong, Fascination of Rocks, 2015
Lin Pang-soong, Rocks Below the Water, 2015
Lin Pang-soong, Desert Rose, 2016
Lin Pang-soong, Spring Cometh, 2016
Lin Pang-soong, Peace & Joy, 2016
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Lin Pang-soong, <i>Outside Radiance,</i> 2016
Lin Pang-soong, <i>Mountain Fans, </i>2016
Lin Pang-soong,<i> Complete Freedom,</i> 2016
Lin Pang-soong,<i> A State of Being, </i>2016
Lin Pang-soong,<i> Fascination of Rocks,</i> 2015
Lin Pang-soong,<i> Rocks Below the Water,</i> 2015
Lin Pang-soong,<i> Desert Rose,</i> 2016
Lin Pang-soong,<i> Spring Cometh,</i> 2016
Lin Pang-soong,<i> Peace & Joy,</i> 2016
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2007 winner of the National Awards of Arts by the National Culture and Arts Foundation, Lin (Apex) Pang-soong was the youngest recipient of the Arts category in the award’s history, at the age of fifty. Over the years, Lin often finds himself repeating the words “dot by dot,” as a way of self-encouragement through his meticulous series such as My Homeland, Island of Dreams, and Homebound Letters working with the image of Taiwan through pointillism. Lin consciously returns to the most foundational element in painting, the dot, and voluntarily invests his time and energy in piecing together the composition one dot at a time. Slowly and steadily like the beating of a drum or chanting of a sutra, Lin’s painting thereby crosses over into a form of meditation, where Lin develops a new and profound understanding of simplicity, such that a simple act, through repetition becomes great; and a great act, through repetition becomes simple.

Since 2007, Lin Pang-soong’s decade-long commitment to pointillism and the image of Taiwan has allowed him to harvest creative nourishment and cultural roots from his native land. So in facing his art, Lin is free and at ease, and through the thousands of intricately placed dots, the viewer captures a glimpse into Lin’s state of being.

Fo Guang Yuan Art Gallery, Taichung
65 Huizhong Road, Taichung
January 14 – March 5, 2017
Reception: Saturday, January 14, 2017, 3:00 pm
Hours: 10:00 am – 7:00 pm

Fo Guang Yuan Main Art Gallery, Kaohsiung
153 Xingtian Street, Kaohsiung
March 18 – April 23, 2017
Reception: Sunday, March 19, 2017, 10:00 am
Hours: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

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A State of Being

The Art of Lin Pang-soong at 60 Lofty Culture & Art, 2017 © Loftyart Gallery

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