The Scripture of a Missionary of Modern Ink Painting I

Liu Kuo-sung
October 25, 2014 – January 24, 2015

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Liu Kuo-sung, Formation of the Universe, 2014
Liu Kuo-sung, Water and Cloud Share the Same Source, 2014
Liu Kuo-sung, Not the Color of the Moon?, 2014
Liu Kuo-sung, Blue Light on the Ripples, 2014
Liu Kuo-sung, Rising Toward Mysterious Whiteness, 2014
Liu Kuo-sung, Wintery Mountains Covered with Snow, 2014
Liu Kuo-sung, Sun and Moon: Floating? Sinking?, 2014
Liu Kuo-sung, Sun and Moon: Floating? Sinking? 2014
Liu Kuo-sung, Roof of the World, 2014
Liu Kuo-sung, Silvery Woods Amidst Cloudy Mountains, 2014
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Liu Kuo-sung,<i> Formation of the Universe,</i> 2014
Liu Kuo-sung,<i> Water and Cloud Share the Same Source, </i> 2014
Liu Kuo-sung,<i> Not the Color of the Moon?,</i> 2014
Liu Kuo-sung, <i>Blue Light on the Ripples,</i> 2014
Liu Kuo-sung, <i>Rising Toward Mysterious Whiteness, </i>2014
Liu Kuo-sung, <i>Wintery Mountains Covered with Snow,</i> 2014
Liu Kuo-sung,<i> Sun and Moon: Floating? Sinking?,</i> 2014
Liu Kuo-sung, <i>Sun and Moon: Floating? Sinking?</i> 2014
Liu Kuo-sung,<i> Roof of the World, </i>2014
Liu Kuo-sung,<i> Silvery Woods Amidst Cloudy Mountains, </i>2014
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Respected as the Father of Modern Ink Painting by the art worlds of Taiwan and China, Liu Kuo-sung has passionately promoted modern ink painting with a religious zeal. Liu’s faith is art, and modern ink paintings are his scripture. Over the last sixty years, Liu has journeyed around the world in art exhibitions and academic seminars, bringing his scripture wherever he went, in the true spirit of a missionary.

In his cause for modern ink painting, Liu was once slandered as a traitor to art. He challenged both conservatives of traditional Chinese ink painting, as well as blind followers of modern Western painting, and was determined to forge his own path in the middle. In recent years, with modern ink painting on the rise, Liu Kuo-sung has finally been recognized for his efforts and contributions to the genre. Liu’s artworks have since entered the spotlight of the art market, and have become exceptionally difficult to acquire.

In order to continue promoting Liu Kuo-sung’s art, and also to share Liu’s achievements with more art lovers, Loftyart Gallery has decided to help Liu Kuo-sung produce a series of prints. Prints are similar to a missionary’s scriptures, for sharing with the world. While the prints are reproductions of Liu Kuo-sung’s artwork, they are designed and printed with Liu’s distinctive techniques and motifs in mind, and remain faithful to their original inspirations. This statement is recognized by Liu himself, and under his authorization and kind guidance, Loftyart has commissioned a series of ten prints in woodblock, etching, and silkscreen print. Liu Kuo-sung strongly believes the prints give his artworks a new vitality, and will thereby create new opportunities for more art lovers to appreciate his art.

October 25, 2014 – January 24, 2015
Reception: Saturday, December 13, 2014, 3:00 pm
Hours: Tuesday – Saturday, 2:00 – 6:00 pm

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