Surrounding Mountains, Towering Peak

Liu Kuo-sung
October 5 – December 1, 2013

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Liu Kuo-sung, Into Infinity, 1965
Liu Kuo-sung, Wintersweet, 1967
Liu Kuo-sung, The Moon Hanging in the Sky,1970
Liu Kuo-sung, Morning Mist, 1982
Liu Kuo-sung, Modern Brushworks, 1986
Liu Kuo-sung, Foggy Yunbaoding, 2005
Liu Kuo-sung, Legend of Jade Mountain, 2011
Liu Kuo-sung, Emerald-Colored Moon, 2012
Liu Kuo-sung, Lake’s Reflection of Snow, Bright as a Mirror, 2012
Liu Kuo-sung, Surrounding Mountains, Towering Peak, 2012
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Liu Kuo-sung,<i> Into Infinity,</i> 1965
Liu Kuo-sung,<i> Wintersweet, </i>1967
Liu Kuo-sung,<i> The Moon Hanging in the Sky,</i>1970
Liu Kuo-sung,<i> Morning Mist,</i> 1982
Liu Kuo-sung, <i>Modern Brushworks, </i>1986
Liu Kuo-sung,<i> Foggy Yunbaoding, </i>2005
Liu Kuo-sung,<i> Legend of Jade Mountain,</i> 2011
Liu Kuo-sung,<i> Emerald-Colored Moon,</i> 2012
Liu Kuo-sung,<i> Lake's Reflection of Snow, Bright as a Mirror, </i>2012
Liu Kuo-sung,<i> Surrounding Mountains, Towering Peak, </i>2012
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Since the 1960s, Liu Kuo-sung held the banner that called for the modernization Chinese Ink Painting. From Taiwan, Liu carried out a world-shaking revolution throughout the Chinese world, surging through the West, sweeping Hong Kong, and inspiring mainland China. Today, this internationally renowned master, is no longer alone in his pursuit and revolution as a isolated peak. His breakthrough concepts and ideas, not only nourished countless artists throughout the Chinese world, but also set a strong foundation for the development of modern ink painting. In examining his contributions to Chinese art and his artistic achievements as a whole, Liu’s position today can be fittingly described as a towering peak among surrounding mountains.

October 5 – December 1, 2013
Reception: Saturday, October 5, 2013, 3:00 pm
Hours: Tuesday – Saturday, 2:00 – 6:00 pm

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